3570k OC on stock cooler

Hi everyone,

I just overclocked to 4ghz from 3.4ghz on my new i5 3570k, on a stock cooler, no voltage change. I read everywhere how you shouldn't do that on stock cooler, but I am getting really good temps.

I stress tested it with prime95 for 15min and hottest I got was 90C on 1 core, and 86-87 on others. I know that is high. However, when playing my fav games like skyrim or witcher 2, I am getting 75C maximum. So I shouldnt be worried right? I dont plan on doing anything more intensive than gaming anyways.
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  1. Don't cheap out on a cooler. You have one of the best gaming CPUs, and one of the more expensive. Pony up $30 for a 212 Evo.
  2. I just built my pc, so I need to save for a while now lol. I will get a new cooler within 6 months, but please actually focus on my temps in your reply.
  3. Those temps are on the verge of to high. Overclocking to 4ghz is pointless, as turbo goes up to 3.8ghz
  4. Running hot will only shorten the life of your cpu - back off on the OC until you get a cooler.
  5. I thought anything under 75C on heavy load is really good? It literally won't go over 74-75C.
  6. 75C is getting to the max you want to be. For the 200mhz overclock you are getting, it isn't work shortening the life of the CPU. Ideally you don't want to max out the temp.
  7. It's not worth it for the small increase you get due to turbo. Back off the OC the temps are too high for comfort as your decreasing the life expectancy of the CPU with high temps.

    Here is a budget heatsink that is $24, $14 after 10 mail in on newegg which should do the job if your really on a tight budget.

    Review of it for comparison I found. Definately not the best but way better than stock.

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