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I've been reading up on chipsets and motherboards and whatnot in order to try and narrow down my choices for the motherboard that will go into my first build. I'm planning to get an i5-3350P or 3570.

According to Wikipedia, "Integrated USB 3.0 support is present in the Z75, Z77, H77, Q75, Q77 and B75 chipsets intended for Ivy Bridge CPUs." Does that mean that a mobo without one of these chipsets won't have USB 3.0 support (i.e.: no USB 3.0 ports or 20-pin connectors)?
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    It means that these chipsets have the ability to have USB 3.0 connections on them, you will also have to look at specific boards to determine whether or not that board has USB 3.0 / 20-pin connectors on it. I would imagine that most of the board with those chipsets would have USB 3.0 connectivity.

    This also does not necessarily mean that other chipsets will not have USB 3.0 support, for example the new Haswell chipsets probably all have USB 3.0 compatibility, but those are not the ones that you listed. I think Wikipedia was just talking about the chipsets specific to Ivy-Bridge.
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