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Intel Original board vs other board

please anyone tell me which performance will be better -

Intel original board or other board like asus,gigabyte,msi....etc in the same chipset/same rigs(same processor,ram..)...?
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  1. Hi.

    1- EVGA
    2- ASUS
    4- MSI
  2. saint19 said:

    1- EVGA
    2- ASUS
    4- MSI

    Couldn't agree more!! :D
  3. as from the above,Intel original board is not that good at i right.???
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    You are correct.... Intel original boards are not as good as the other manufacturer's listed.
  5. thank you all for your answer..
  6. EVGA did some AMD mobos few years ago, but now is focus on Intel platforms.
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