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i just bought 2 9500gt 550m 1gb ddr2 tv dvi pci-e graphic cards to run a SLI set.my question is dose this model graphic card use a differnt kind of cross link cable to link up the two cards because theres no place on the cards to use the cross link cable that came with my mother board.there is a black little port thats positioned on top of the cards that look like some kind of new way to link the cards but i dont know for sure.is there a new way to link them that i am unaware of or did i recieve the wrong cards? plz help.
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  1. For starters the 9500GT's are not worth SLi'ing, fact. There are also two different versions out there one with the SLi finger and one without. In theory if the cards are SLi capable then SLi will still be able to be enabled regardless of the bridge but I've seen a lot of posts where this has not been the case, as for the little black port that you mention, that may be the SPIDF connector to allow audio over HDMI if the card has a HDMI port.
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