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I have recently upgraded my computer case to a CM Storm Scout 2 and was wanting to optimize the air flow within the case.

I currently have a set of four 120mm Cool Master fans available from a older build that I would like to utilize in some way to keep the cost down. Please note that the CM fans that I currently have are sleeved and I am not entirely sure that I would be able to mount them horizontally within the case?

My original plan was to mount two of the 120mm fans in the front of the case and order a additional 120mm fan to mount in the bottom of the case for intake. For exhaust I was going to leave the supplied rear 120mm LED fan and mount the remaining two CM fans to the top. I was NOT going to be using the optional side panel mounts as I have heard that using the side fans can sometimes disrupt the flow of air within a case?

I know the CM fans that I have on hand are not the best when it comes to noise levels and CFM but if all possible to keep the cost of buying new fans down to a low please try to include them

Any and all suggestions, thoughts, or ideas are openly welcome!! Thank you for the help =)
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  1. Intake ---> Front, Side, Bottom (if any)
    Exhaust ---> Top, Rear

    Try and equalize the Intake and the Exhaust as close as you can (within 15% is fine).

    These are all guides, and the final verdict will be decided by the temps you get.
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    i have used that exact set of fans in 3 builds. Virtical and horizontal both work fine.
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