Asus rampage iii formula wont see hdd!

I just tried installing a new asus rampage iii formula board and screwed up
I had an existing install on my hd of win 7 ultimate upgrade.
The drive came up as not found by the asus board but I was able to load a new install of win 7 onto the drive just the same. I had backed up all the earlier stuff to my usb hd via "acronis home 10".
I put a few drivers onto the "new" install then decided to transfer stuff from the saved acronis file.
I left it run with the tag to switch of pc when done.
Next day I try to fire up and nothing
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  1. Additionaly I should say----

    I think I screwed up here as it may be the old system stuff tried to write to a new system?
    Whatever---I decided to format the drive via win 7 install command prompt.
    Now I get the "no bootmngr" thing and worse ----- I cant install win 7 as it does not see a drive I think I screwed up here as it may be the old system stuff tried to write to a new system?
    It asks to load drivers but I dont seem to have them???
    So what do I do?
    Incidentally----- i ordered a new 600gb raptor drive so am I gonna have same problem and is it safe to format that with win7 command prompt?
    Sorry for the length of this and more than one question but I am soooooo choked 

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Ok I have only one hdd at present and have tried format with command prompt on win 7 install disc but I still got the same issue. I will have the new hdd tomorrow somwill try out your advice. I have the bios set to defaults which gives "IDE" setting.
    Fingers crossed :)
  3. Its a SATA but the motherboard defaults to IDE. Choice is RAID AHCI or IDE.
    No jumpers. Its a WD Raptor 3000 gb hdd and a Plextor SATA DVDW.
    New hdd is a 600gb WD Raptor.
  4. OK ---- will give it a try tomorrow with new hdd.
    Thanks :)
  5. Well I just tried first attempt and it loaded ok at first then I got "error loading os" when it reebooted on the install :(
    Doing another format.
    I have the boot priority as hdd then cd. That right?
    Bios has setting at ACHI and I enabled the onboard sata6g controller.
    Hope this gets better :sweat:
  6. OK --- will do :)
  7. Well I finally got it running but not without some issues :sarcastic:
    It seems that the default placed my external hdd into the number 1 position and I noticed it was that the freakin thing was trying to load from :ouch:
    Of course it wouldnt! Hence the error loading OS! :pt1cable:
    I reset the new hdd as 1 and disconnected the external hd and went again and all seems ok :)
    I am not sure if I need to try and set it back to ACHI or not but I do want to use the other hdd (300gb wd raptor) for added storage.
    Might that be safe to do know?
    Thanks for your input btw. Its nice to have And appreciated :)
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