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I have a problem with new-buy "KINGSTON 2GB 800MHz DDR2 Hyperx CL5 RAM (KHX6400D2K/4G) rating 2.0V".
I am trying to use this single ram with “Kingston 2GB (2X1GB) 800MHz DDR2 CL5 PC2 6400” ram kit rating 1.8V.
When I used these ram together I got blue screen error. When I only used new-buy "KINGSTON 2GB 800MHz DDR2 Hyperx CL5 RAM", I could not get any display.

My PC hardware/software is:

Gigabyte P35C-DS3R (rev 2.0) Bios version F4
İntel E6750 @2.66Ghz
ATİ HD 3850
Windows 7 – 64 bit

Could you help to solve the problem above?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I don't think you'll be able to run ram spec'd at different voltages. You will need to run the ram at 2.0v to keep the one set running stable while over volting the other set of ram by 0.2v.

    It's always best to run identical memory kits.

    You didn't list the memory specs (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS), but if they are different then the fatser ram will have to be throttled to run at the slower rams speed.
  2. I got some pictures before blue screen. Interestingly, my new PC2 6400 hyperx ram seems PC2 5300. Please comment the pictures. Thanks...

    memery clock:

    old rams:

    new ram:
  3. Can we said that ram is faulty? or KHX6400D2K/4G is not compatible with Gigabyte P35C-DS3R (rev 2.0)

    Also do I need to update bios version from F4 to F12?
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