Asus m4a77t 1 long 3 short 2 short bios beeps

I bought a asus m4a77t mobo with Athlon 2 x4 640 cpu and 2x 2gb Trancend Ddr 3 1333 ram & 500w superchanel psu brand new. Useing my old hdd & Ati 4670 (Force 3d) card. When i switch the machine on all i get is a blank screen and the following bios error code. 1 long 3 short 2 short. I tested the cpu,ram,psu,hdd and grafix card in a friends pc and they all work fine so i thought it was a faulty mobo sent it back to the supplyer and they sent me a new board..... guss what........ same story all over again! Any ideas?
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  1. Solved kinda.... turns out its the Force 3d Ati 4670 thats not compatible with the mobo or the mobo that dousnt support the Card... i thought pci-e was supose to be a standard slot and the card is just more than a year old and it works fine in other comouters. Had a problem with gen 2 but the pc still booted. now i have to buy a new card but im broke it sucks!!!!monkey balls!!!
  2. Dont buy force 3d. i got support form asus not that it worked but they tried. Force 3d on the other hand havent sent me a single reply to my Email.
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