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So i'm wonderding about voltage. Right now I have the 2500k overclocked easily at 4ghz and 1.285 for my vcore. The main objective here is to safely overclock my 2500k and to not reduce its life span. I figure that overclocking a 2500k to 4hz isn't going to hurt its life span, is this correct? Anyway well what would be the safest voltage to keep it on that wouldn't reduce the lifespan, the temps are after 12 hours around 65 degrees which worries me considering I don't think they should be that high. Thoughts?
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  1. Increasing voltage to you cpu decreases the lifespan regardless of temperature, if you are a high overclock chaser or need it for work (if not why such a dear chip) you probably won't be asking this question, how long do you reckon you will have this cpu before upgrade?
  2. I'm not exactly sure, but I know it could be as long as 6 years, I was in a hurry when I wrote this but I understand that it will decrease regardless, I just want to do it in the most minimal way and I guess the general rule is the less power the better, but if I do too little than I risk damaging the it also... so I'm just wondering what the forum thinks the sweet spot it.
  3. i have my 2500k at 4ghz also, not too worried, mas i keep a cpu is 3yrs, usually just 2.

    dont worry, cpus are usually sturdy. off all the questions discussion that you see everyday in forums like these, how many have had dead processors?
  4. mine is 1.25 volt using stock cooler. Prime95 can bring its temp as high as 82C, but during normal gaming it topped at 65C. I'm using it for 1.5 years without any problem at all.
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