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I have a Dell XPS 430-121b computer (Q8300 2.5, 6gb DD3 Ram). My Video card is an ATI HD 3650. Do I HAVE to use a Raid 0 setup on my two drives (currently, I have a 1TB drive and a 750TB drive, and I know that Raid 0 needs to match)? I will be editing AVCHD footage from a HMC-40 camcorder. Also, if I do have to use Raid 0 setup, can I add one more drive (1TB) and use Raid 0 on only two of the three drives? Keeping my original drive as it currently is? And YES, I am a newbie :P... Thanks for any help you may provide.

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  1. Yes, you should be able to run two 1TB drives in RAID0 and keep the 750 out of the array.
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