Graphics card can't detect monitor with HDMI


I have Asus GeForce 210 card and VGA and DVI work great, but can't find the monitor (also Asus) when using HDMI cable. Downloaded latest drivers for monitor and card, no luck. How do I know if its cable, monitor or card?
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  1. Why not stick with DVI, functionally they and HDMI are similar in quality.
  2. My PC and display are not in the same place and the via through which the cable mut pass is narrow (hole drilled through granite surface) and so I was really counting on the HDMI cable. Otherwise, then just cable bulk. Two cables (DVI + Audio) v one cable (HDMI).
  3. Why is it at a different place? Anyway does HDMI work if connected to a TV, if yes then mintor has problem. Please tell me the monitor model.
  4. Asus VH236
  5. The alcove where we keep the PC has a granite surface and walls on three sides. Unless I want the cable to go in front of the counter's edge (tacky and interfering with drawers), it must go through the 1" hole, which is too small for the DVI cable terminal to pass. Plus the HDMI should just work. I just bought this stuff. Before I get on an endless phone call to Asus support, I was hoping I was overlooking something. I'm a novice PC builder.
  6. I got three links for specs, I couldn't locate exactly but notice on specs they say AX or video input, I don't know why but the monitor supports PC through DVI and VGA, but only supports HDMI through the TV.
  7. Holy crap. Well thank you for illuminating me. I assumed that HDMI out on a video card would work with HDMI in on a monitor. Silly me. Time to break out the carbide tipped hole saw!
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