Ps/2 to usb converter problem!

Well this is my pc configuration:

Intel i7 920,8gb ddr3 ram,hdd-1 tb,os- windows 7 64 bit ultimate edition,nvidia 470gtx graphics card,motherboard-intel workstation WX58BP.

The problem is that the motherboard does not have any ps/2 ports and my keyboard has ps2/2 jack.I bought a ps2/2 to usb converter.Its a very strange problem.when i am typing its working fine but during gameplay when i am pressing two buttons at a time like walking and turning its not working.i changed my ps/2 converter but still the problem exists.i also checked my keyboard in other computer and found my keyboard is working perfectly fine.

can any one please help me?
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  1. Converters are fine for typing, but they usually don't work very well for what you use it for. Even the Tripp-Lite B015-000 that works quite well with a KVM probably won't work for you. The best solution is to buy a quality USB keyboard.
  2. okey.. so you recommend me to buy a usb keyboard?
  3. Either that or you keep on trying to find the adaptor that meets your requirements.
  4. Reading this, I think I have a similar random freezing keys issue, but my leads are usb with ps2 adaptors, Ill try swapping them to usb and seeing if it fixes my issue, I'll post back once I'm sure
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