Looking at a rebuild

im looking at rebuilding my current PC (specs in sig)

looking at this for a mobo:


and this proc:

now what i need help with is the RAM... the past few build/upgrades ive done, i used ozc ram... looking at current reviews, im not too sure about it. im wanting to make a run at the 4GHz mark on air (i know that may not be the best but water makes me nervous) so the ram will need to handle the OC. also clearance may be an issue. i am going to use the cooler from my current build on the 955, and with my current board, there is about 3mm of clearance between the bottom of the can on the cooler and the top of the ram.

any suggestions are much appreciated

ok... tryed to copy-past my sig from another forum and it didnt go so hot.... heres the system specs

Athlon x2 5000 @ 3250MHz

Biostar TA780G M2+

x4 1gig OCZ plat. rev 2 DDR2800

Graphics Card
GTX 260 (216sp) Factory OCed

Hard Drive
x2 80gig ATA x1 750gig SATA, 1st gen 74gig Raptor

Power Supply
OCZ modXstream 700w

CoolerMaster HAF 932

CPU cooling
Scythe Mugen 2
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  1. Dead links posted but in case u didn't know:

    your TA780G+ actually has a BIOS to slot in AM2+/AM3 chips as shown here
    if u looking at the cheapest upgrade what i would do is

    1. Hit the 95W TDP PhenomII X4 925 due to TDP limitation of your board
    2. Reuse your RAMs, etc
    3. Get a HD 5850?
  2. 1. I would hit Gskills..or AData these days for DDR3 but OCZ still has decent RAMs depending on model/s

    2. Unless unlocking is a must there is a Gigabyte 890GX + 955BE combo as well

    3. If u dun need CF/IGP April 26th would also see the coming of the 870 chipset..along with X6/4 Thuban/Zosma

    4. What would be main task for this new hardware?
  3. yeah, i saw the gigabyte board but was a little worried about clearance with that northbridge heatsink.

    no, i dont need CF seeing as i have an nvidia card ^.^

    this is going to be for my main PC... i do gaming, light video and audio editing, lots of video transcoding, photo editing and heavy multi-tasking.
  4. so gskills over clock well? ive never really messed with them.

    also my power supply should be able to handle the extra load from the 955 right?
  5. YMMV with GSkills/OCing and yes that PSU is good to go ^^
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