Slow usb 3.0 external hard drive. wtf?

Just got a new Toshiba 1TB usb 3.0 hard drive to use with my gateway MP series laptop when I DJ. Been using a standard 320GB usb 2.0 for a while and it worked flawlessly but needed more storage. Tonight it kept stalling and locking up on me randomly when I would start tracks. After a few times I went back to my old drive which I luckily had with me and had no issues. Is there a problem with the 3.0 bottlenecking or something? Paid over $100 bucks for this shiny new drive. Would suck if I couldnt use it. Do I need a laptop with native USB 3.0 capabilty? Thanks.
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  1. Does your gateway support 3.0 spec?
  2. No it's an older laptop. But after further review, this drive is known to be POS certified. Checked reviews AFTER buying it (bad idea btw) and there are many reviews saying it's a piece of junk for many reasons. Didn't think I'd have to worry about Toshiba but I was wrong. Returning it to Microcenter today. Toshiba Canvio Plus 3.0 1TB external drive. Or should I say POShiba? Or maybe ToshPITA? lol Thanks anyway. Live and learn I guess. Stay away!
  3. Without the usb 3.0 support on your laptop board it won't use the 3.0 spec.
  4. Was afraid so. Toshiba says its "100% 2.0 backwards compatible". My a*% it is lol. Lots of other people got duped too apparently. This is an awesome forum. Thanks again for the help.
  5. Your welcome,don't forget to choose the best answer when asking questions in the forum.

    Thanks for joining the forum!
  6. it is 100% 2.0 backwards, you have an old laptop, no usb 3.0 ports. not sure what you expected but this is not toshiba's fault.

    Edit: clarification

    USB 2.0 cannot transmit the same speeds as usb 3.0. It's your laptop.
  7. gregck said:

    USB 2.0 cannot transmit the same speeds as usb 3.0. It's your laptop.

    I call it used error, not the laptop
  8. ^ This is Not a USB2 vs USB3 throughput question. The drive is backwards compatable and should have worked equally as well as his old usb2 drive. The problem is either A) the quality with the HDD, or B) a power problem

    Most look at throughput when talking about backwards compatable. With Usb External drives you must also look at power. Some HDDs draw more power than can be supplied by a single usb2 port.

    1) When plugging the External drive in are You:
    .. A) Plugging into only one usb port (Power limited to devices that draw < 2.5 W)
    .. B) Plugging into two usb ports (allows more current to device)
    .. C) using a usb 5V/2V AC power adaptor (For external HDD this is what I normally use). If no powr connector on enclusure Us a powered usb Hub.

    ** Not sure but I thought they increased the allowable current (power) for USB 3. if that's the case then would have to look at the max Current drawn by the toshibia HDD.
    While the drive is 100% backwards compatable - that is for throughput and does NOT address the power requirements (However They should clarify, need more power than single USB2 port can provide.). Also intial power on for the Xternal will be anywheres from 1.5 to 3 times higher than nominal current.

    2) does your laptop have a expresscard slot, if so:

    Just took a look at newegg - None of the 1 TB 2 1/2 Form factor drives have a "good" 1/2 (Bad) egg ratings. And None of them listed Power consumption.
  9. Wow that's a lot of great info about these drives. Just plugged it in to one usb slot and hoped toshiba would take care of the rest like they said they would. Didn't realize power was such an issue with these drives. Makes sense though. Never thought about using the express card slot or powered usb hub. Good advice for future. Took it back to microcenter this morning already. Was gonna exchange it for a WD or Seagate but many reviews for both suggest that 1TB portable drives in general just aren't ready for prime time. WD's undeletable "back up your stuff our way" bloatware/crapware seemed especially unappealling. Decided to lug around an old 500gb 3.5 external for now. Seagate's Expansion drives or whatever they're called seem full of issues too. What's a guy to do? When you can't trust WD and Seagate, who can you trust, right?
  10. I do have a WD 1 TB, got real lucky on price, BestBuy for $70. Been working ok.
    But what I've done is buy my an enclouser then pick a drive, rather thanby the "assembled ones". That way I can switch around my drives.
  11. Holy crap this forum just keeps getting better lol. That's an awesome idea. I guess I didnt realize u could do that but it makes sense. I'm on it. THANKS.
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