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A while back I spilled water on my laptop. It started beeping before I could turn it off. All dried out etc but now when I turn it on, it beeps continuously - no real pattern to it just constant beeps. 2 things:

1) It won't stop beeping unless I keep my finger on the volume + button (which seems to kick-start it into Recovery screen)

2)If I hold ctrl alt + del down (without releasing) it SOMETIMES boots normally.

3) If I manage to get it to boot normally, every application I open results in the help screen popping up. Often, if I don't open anything, I hear the mouse click-clicking and suddenly I've got 70+help screens appear.

I think it's something to do with the volume bar and the Function bar (unless I get it to boot normally, the keyboard is inoperative with the Numlock key clearly fixed).

I undid the back of the laptop under the keyboard and could see that there was a mark/stain on the sticky pad below the volume bar.

I think it's shorted out. I don't think it's a keyboard problem as this works when the laptop has booted properly but I think there's a shorting out somewhere.

Anyone any ideas please?

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  1. Sounds like you will need to :
    -send this one in for service, or
    -get another laptop.

    Either way, make sure you get the data off of the HDD. Remove the HDD from it's bay, mount it as an external drive using an enclosure on another PC and back-up all the needed data.
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