What monitors do you recomend for a triple monitor Eyefinity setup?

Hello I am going to use three monitors for an eyefinity gaming setup for my dual 5870's in crossfire.
I am aiming to have all the monitors the same size. either 19 inch, 20 inch or 22 inch... Most likley 22inch

I don't really know what monitors are good though. Obviously I am looking for thin bezels. I would prefer if they were all the same monitors.
And of course I am on a budget sadly. $ 600 is the highest i will go. so pretty much about $200 per monitor. Most likely I will game in landscape but the swivel 90 degree thing would be cool IF ever i wanted to try it out. So what are your recommendations and is their anything else i should consider when buying a monitor besides the resolution and response time?
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  1. I also want them to all have HDMI. For the third monitor I am going to use an active adapter for the third monitor. Any one know where i can get a display port to hdmi active adapter?
  2. if you have enough space then go for 22's ,
    but if you want to spent less money go for 19's
    if i were you i would take samsung or lg
  3. do you have any model names?
    I can't really tell too accurately if the bezels are thin or not.
    I need thin bezels or else the image will look bad with a huge gap between the actual screens.
  4. What is your price range??


    These are the only monitors I've seen that are specifically marketed toward eyefinity. They are 23" though (you stated up to 22") and I'm not sure what the price will be as it is they are not released yet, so it might not be relevant at all to what you're asking, but i figured I'd show you as they have ultra thin bezels
  5. $600 is my absolute limit, I am reluctant to spend $200+ per monitor.
  6. Don't do under 22" Eyefinty, not worth it.

    Also, Maybe you could buy a 30" on 3007WFP on Ebay for 600$
  7. Check out the Dell Outlet store.

    P2310H, VGA, DVI, Displayport, refurbished, warranty, $200
  8. if you have a $200 budget, I would recommend getting the ASUS VH242H. I'm have two of them now, waiting for more money to get that third one.

    They are great, 23.6'' and 16:9 aspect ratio.

    Also! Once you remove the case/bezel. It significantly decreases the space between monitors. Check out my thread where I took the monitor apart to find out exactly how much bezel you can lose.

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