Is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 enough for this pc I'm planning?

Intel Core i7 930 (2.80Ghz, 8MB cache)
ati hd 5770 1gb
4gb ram
500w silverstone (Is this good enough?)
ECS X58B-A2 X58/ddr3/Vpcie/S/GL (the cheapest x58 chipset mobo in our place)
and a Cooler Master Hyper 212(is this enough for i7 930?)

I am not overclocking.
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  1. Yes its more than enough if your not overclocking
  2. thanks. i badly want to overclock but i'm pretty worried about what's gonna happen if i mistakenly overclock. I haven't overclocked yet. And another question, is hte 500w silverstone enough too for that setup?
  3. if i was you i would 1st make the pc or/when you want to overclock/update get a good psu :) i like 1000w but thats way to ott for most pcs a good 700w will do fine for you :) (700w-gaming)

    one thing always get a good make!
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    The hyper 212 would be plenty for a moderate overclock, at stock it will keep your CPU quite cool.
  5. but i already bought 500w silverstone. i think i won't overclock anymore. is it still okay,the hyper 212?
  6. Yes it is. Stop worrying.
  7. thank you.
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