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Hello, so recently, I made a thread in hope of getting some help regarding a new pc build, no help given at all.
Not needed anymore either, but now, I would like to know a little more about Water Cooling, as I know absolutely nothing about it at all.

What is it? How does it work? What's all this Closed Loop and what not, please help me out on this, because everywhere I look for this, it always seems confusing to me.
I will hopefully be getting water cooling for my system once I get it, because I like having a nice and quiet system.

Also some help on how to install a certain one would be great.

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  1. First place to start would be the water-cooling sticky. It explains many of the concepts and some of the math behind water-cooling.

    Its where you use water to move heat away from your CPU/GPU/Whatever to a radiator, where the heat can be dissipated. Reason why water cooling often beats air cooling is because when you don't have to have the heatsink fit a certain size (say around the CPU socket or within 2 PCI slots), you can have a lot more surface area to dissipate the heat with.
    That, and water can hold more heat than air can, making it a more efficient means of moving heat than air is.

    Difference between Closed Loop and Custom or Open loops is that one comes in a box pre-assembled, and the other you have to pick the parts and put it together yourself.
    A Corsair H100 is an example of a Closed Loop Cooler (or CLC).
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