Cant access 2nd drive after XP reinstall

I reinstalled XP Home on my C drive and made all the updates including SP3. I can't access my second SATA drive that I used for music and video storage. It shows up in Computer management as healthy including how much capacity is used and remaining. It shows up as it did before the reinstall in My computer but when I click on the drive it won't show anything. It's conneted via a SATA controll that has the updated driver. I forgot to disconnect this on the new install but I think I had done this before and went to some command that allowed me to re-map the second drive or something of that nature but I can't find that propmt this time around. Last I on this recent reinstall I set up one user account in my name to logon whereas I previously could log on directly. I know the music and video is there but the corresponding data only shows it's in place under computer management. Help
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  1. Did you assign the drive letter to the 2nd drive?

    Just right click the said drive in Disk Management and select 'Change Driver Letter and Paths...', then click Add, select the letter and click OK.
  2. The original drive letters are there as they were before the reinstall (it's partitioned into two). Do you think it would help to change the drive letters? I have so much saved on this it would be a hugh loss of music and data and I thoght perhaps if I change them it would delete the data.
  3. It won't hurt to try.

    Would help if you could screenshot the disk management tab so I could see if there's something you've missed.
  4. Soda - I'm just fearful if I do try and change the letters it will delete the information and I know there is a way to get this done so I don't lose anything because I've done it in the past but I just can't remember how.

    For some reason I can't print a screen shot here. But the drive is partioned in two; letters G & H controled by an SATA controller card. In computer managment everything is NTFS file, and they both show the as Healthy, they also both show what cpacity has been used and what is available.

    Just does not make sense
  5. Changing letters doesn't do anything to data on the drive. Drive letters aren't even stored in partition metadata, it's controlled by host OS. For example, if you have a drive X: and reinstall Windows or plug that HDD in another PC, it'll occupy 1st available drive letter, or sometimes none.

    But yeah, that sounds good, as long as the file system doesn't say RAW you're fine.
    Does it show drive letter in Disk Management tab? If not, then you have to add it manually, like I said in above example.

    Here's screenshot how it looks for me:

    1st drive isn't formatted and got no letter so you can't access it (it's the bit on the platter that has some bad sectors so I partitioned around it to be able to still use the HDD).
  6. All disk letters show as they did before in both computer/disk management and My computer. Your profile looks very similar so at this point I'm feeling like I've exhausted my options and will try reassign drive letters.
  7. We'll that didn't work, but all still looks healthy in computer/disk management. Can you tell me how to get a screen shot added here. I can hit "print screen" in Microsoft Office products or emails and paste them but not here. I have a couple other things I want to ask/show you.

    Thanks so much for your help
  8. Press alt+print screen, open mspaint, press cltr+v, save to desktop in .png format, go to, click computer, select the saved picture on desktop and finally, click start uploading.
  9. when you installed the new os on the new hard drive you lost permission to get to the old data and have not told windoe xp to change user permissions.
  10. Thanks smorizio. The link you provided looks like its based on Windows Vista or 7. I have XP and the steps and tabs in the link you provided in Vista or 7 are not all the same in XP so I can't follow those steps. Although check this out. I thought I'd give it a try and when I use the "Companion Search" in XP and do a search on the drive AND include the comand to show hidden files I can see everything on this drive but it's greyed out since they are hidden or as I perhaps don't have permission. So I think I'll look further on how to grant permission in XP or just do another reinstall of the OS.

    Thanks again Soda for your help as well.
  11. Hmm, try this: open any folder and click View>Folder Options (at least I think that's where it is on XP, can't remember exactly) switch to View tab and select Show hidden files, folders and drives option.
  12. I had the same problem. I was able to resolve as follows:

    Goto windows explorer (by clicking My Computer)
    Select the menu Tools
    Click the tab View
    Under "Hidden files and folders" select "Show hidden files and folders" option.
    Now on top of this screen click the button "Apply to All Folders"
    Click "OK" button at the bottom of the screen.

    - Cheers. Your problem should be resolved.
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