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Hi all,

I have asked a few questions on this forum and came to the conclusion that I need a 480mm and a 240mm in push pull configuration. Can someone please help me choose a good case for an e-atx mobo with a window, that can fit a 480 and 240 inside? I would also like red tubing and a bay reservoir and compression fittings. Please help!
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  1. You're looking at some large cases that will fit a 480 inside, Azza, Mountainmods, Caselabs kind of size,
  2. Why not 2x 360's? Why not any 200mm rads? Maybe 140mm rads?

    What are you cooling that you determined you need a 420+240? (just curious)
  3. I just wanted a quiet but effective watercooled setup. I'm pretty much going to get the 800D. What would be a good radiator for my 3930k? Also, if I wish to add 2 GPUs in the future, will there be enough head room with that case.

  4. There is no radiator that is suited for a particular GPU or CPU, heat is heat regardless of its source. You'v just got to calculate the TDP of the components in the loop, then figure out if your loop can deal with that much.
    The water-cooling sticky (at the top of the forum and in Rubix's sig) explains how you can do so.
    I advise reading through the whole thing, it will answer many of your questions.
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