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Hey i have had this problem for a while now and its really starting to annoy me... My pc runs all the high end games that i want it to at max settings but my graph card seems to be crashing its completely random but it happens every time i play a game what i mean by random is that sometimes i can play a game for 3 hrs no crash then others 3 mins.

What happens...
My game freezes and i get like 1-2 seconds of sound just repeating the same 1-2 seconds over and over, this lasts like 2 mins then i get this error message from ATI...

click dont send and the game resumes as normal straight away, but with no sound.

i have had this issue for about 6 months now and just upgraded from 1 x XFX HD4890 to 2 x XFX HD4890's hoping that it would fix my problem but no success.
do you think that maybe this could have something to do with sound? as the game resumes but no sound??? im lost any ideas would be appreciated

Corsair TX650W psu
Phenom II 940 BE cpu
2x XFX HD4890 gpu's
4gb Corsair dominator 1066mhz @ 800mhz ram
DFI Lanparty DK 790FXB M2RSH mobo
Zalman Cooler
Thermaltake M9 Case

Oh also with my ram u will see in the specs that it is supposed to be 1066mhz but i only have it set to 800mhz because if i up it the crashes are more frequent

The Games...

Note also that lower end games dont seem to crash eg.
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  1. Ok so i have done some more research and found that most people with the same problem as me have fixed it by forcing the GPU clock to a certain value using rivatuner. The problem is that with my ati graph card it switches the core clock from 850mhz(stock setting) to 250mhz constantly like 1-3 times a second this causes the graph card to stop responding... Does any one know of another way to set the GPU to always run at 850mhz as rivatuner dont work for my graph card?
  2. If you want to keep a stable 1066mhz for ram, you can simply add some voltage to it in the bios.
    Is your card unsupported by rivatuner? Or is it simply not working?
  3. Umm the card is not supported as far as i know it says "Warning RivaTuner has not been tested with the currently installed display driver, it is strongly recommended that u upgrade your version of riva tuner." but i have version 2.24c whitch is the newest that i can find. and i have tried upping the voltage to 2.14 whitch is reccomended for my ram, stock my mobo sets it to 1.94v and 800mhz it still craches
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    I'm not too familiar with the 4xxx series do you have the Catalyst Control Center? adjust your clocks from there if you do.

    also you might want to run memtest86+ just to check your RAM.
  5. i have tried memtest before when this prob first started wasn't the ram then i had my graph card tested but its also fine some1 has to have had this problem... i get 50fps min on GTA4 with it running max and an average of 80-90 my hardware is fine as far as i can tell im ready to sell it and start again... also a side note i cant install windows 7 on it, could it be a compatibility thing perhaps coz win7 installs fine then wont boot have tried everything.
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