Overclocking question (new to gaming computers)

Hey,im new to gaming computers and im looking to buy 1 from cyberpowerpc and i was just wondering whether overclocking refers to overheating because i will be playing games for like a few hours,and also if so i will need a liquid cooling system right? or will 120mm fans be ok?
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  1. If your just starting out with pc gaming, forget overclocking for now and just get yourself a gaming pc and enjoy yourself and get used to pc gaming. The fans you get with your pc will keep your gaming machine cool enough.

    Overclocking refers to the fact that a cpu (processor) can be overclocked passed its stated speed. So if you buy a 3.2ghz cpu, you may be able to overclock it to 4.0ghz for instance. This is when you start to get "overheating" or higher temps and the need for liquid cooling can become necessary and also a fun thing to do as it looks pretty cool. Like I said, for now just get your pc, get some games and have some fun, overclocking and water cooling are things to research and look into for the future!
  2. Allright thanks a bunch man!
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