Win7 be enough on a 60GB SSD?

I want to know if a 64gb or 60gb ssd be enough for installing, booting, etc. + updates? And i want to transfer windows boot from my HDD to my SSD so it could be faster, how could I do this?
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    For the first question, yes a 60GB is enough. Windows takes up about 20GB, so you have the rest of the space for whatever else you run. As for the second question, I always recommend reinstalling Windows if moving from a HDD to SSD. I feel like there might be configuration optimizations Windows does at install or something. Plus, a new install will reduce the size.
  2. For Win7 64-bit plus a handful of 64-bit applications this may be pushing it. I'm not running any Photoshop or games and I'm up to 50 GB. Win7 32-bit is, from what I have read, smaller.

    So I say about 40, and others say 20, and I'm sure that cloaknsmoke is right, too. Wonder why we have different experiences. (disclaimer - that is a rhetorical question.)
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