8800GTX OCED OR a 250GTs

So basically I have a 8800GTX OCED Rght now with 1.2GB memory on the card. It is a BFG card. Iam getting a 250GTs from my friend since he got a 295 GTX. So should I keep the 8800GTX or the GTS 250. The 250 is this card:


Now my 8800GTX is this one:


But mine is 1.2GB Verison.

So yeah.

Also if you have any other NVIDIA card recommendations that are around $150-$175, lemme know. Thanks!
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  1. Graphic Hierarchy chart shows GTS 250 1 tier above 8800GTX.

    If you have to pay for the card then don't buy it. The upgrade isn't worth it.

    Keep your current card.
    If you wanna buy a new card for upto 175$ then consider HD 5770.
    There is no suitable nVidia card in the market to suggest. If you want to by a nVidia card then wait for a while :)
  2. The 8800GTX is slightly less powerful than a GTX 250 due to all the overclocks the renaming has brought.
    However since your 8800GTX is overclocked the difference will be minimal.
    If the card is free then yes since there should be a small boost (2-7%) and less power-consumption/heat.
  3. Yeah, they'll probably be about the same really but the GTS will run cooler and use less power.
    If you want something better I would really consider ATI cards instead as any Nvidia card higher than the GTS 250 is really a poor value comparatively right now.
  4. amoghthegamer said:
    Also if you have any other NVIDIA card recommendations that are around $150-$175, lemme know. Thanks!

    right now Nvidia cards are all overpriced with new cards coming in at the end of the month for them.
    So I would say wait till next April-May before you start looking for a new Nvidia cards.

    If you want to go for an ATI card, the 5770 would be in your price range and it is a very good gaming card.
  5. THANKS everybody! Iam buying the 5770. Might as well give ATI a chance while I wait for my new ndvidia card! Anyone reccommend a specific 5770?
  6. Since you're going from Nvidia to ATI, make sure you download drive-sweeper and clean out all the Nvidia drivers in your registry. (do this in safe mode)

    Asus, Sapphire, XFX, etc makes good ATI products
  7. What resolution do you play at?
  8. IDK! I play using a HDMI Cable so Iam guessing the highest 1920X something. Here is what Iam buying:

    Lemme know if you have a better suggestion. Also can I hook up 3 monitors to this:

  9. You can but you'll need to use a display port adapter for one of them;
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