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Buying new ram in 2 hours!

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December 1, 2010 2:39:55 PM


I'm running a stock intel i7-950 on an asus sabertooth x58 mobo. I currently run 1 6 gig kit of corsair xms3 7-8-7-20 @ 1600mhz 1T ram.

I plan on upgrading ram tomorrow morning to 12gigs. Should I:

1) Get another 6 gig 7-8-7-20 kit at 1600mhz [...] id=0328198

2) Return my 6 gig kit at get a 3 stick 12 gig kit of patriot viper 2 sector 7 9-9-9-24 1600 mhz ram? [...] id=0342669

It's for gaming 99% of the time only. Some multitasking while gaming might happen.

Cost on the ram is about the same. $300 for x2 6 gig kits vs $300 for 1 12 gig kit with 3 sticks.

I would really like to run my ram at the rated speeds of 1600mhz at 1T is possable. I have heard that running 1T or OCing your cpu might be problematic with all ram slots full. I have also heard that some bios don't work perfectly with 4 gig ram sticks.

I really want to get the best timing at a 1T rate if possable. Is there any concern on populating all 6 slots?

What should I get and why?

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a c 717 V Motherboard
December 1, 2010 3:04:34 PM

If you can return the 3X2GB for a 3X4GB then go that route; the Tri Channel is the most efficient and leat problematic {powering 6 DIMM slots}. Otherwise if you cannot return then yes get a second set of "6 gig kit of corsair xms3 7-8-7-20 @ 1600mhz". Don't get Patriot RAM; most problematic RAM in this forum. I would recommend: Corsair, G.SKILL, Mushkin, or Kingston.

Corsair -


Kingston -
December 1, 2010 3:35:41 PM

I can return the ram only if I buy a 12 gig kit. It's way past 30 days and the manager is doing me a small favor with this exchange.

The only problem here is that Microcenter only carries patriot and OCZ 12 gig kits. Nothing else. I would have no choice but to get 6 sticks of ram if I wanted 12 gig in any other brand.

I agree with the brands you picked out, i'm a fan of all of them.

My big concern is running 6 sticks. Because I have never done it before, is there anything I should know? looser timings? 1T vs 2T? More voltage? I want stability more than anything.
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a c 717 V Motherboard
December 1, 2010 5:13:01 PM

I haven't run across 1T vs 2T {N} directly causing an OC instability. Based upon the choice then OCZ but without knowing the exact OCZ I'm 'guessing' which I don't like guessing. As I mentioned 6 sticks just require extra power and the BIOS 'may' need to be adjusted; increase QPI voltage 1.3v~1.4v.

Looking at their website, I assume which are compatible and should be fine.

If you have problems then post again here and I'll walk you through the BIOS to adjust the RAM.

Good Luck! :) 
December 2, 2010 12:56:30 AM


Thanks for all the help. I decided on the 6 sticks for the lower timings. I have them all installed and are configured via the X.M.P profile.

When I previously had 6 gigs, it set my timings to 7-8-7-20 1T. With a QPI voltage of 1.4v.

Now with all 12 gigs installed, my settings are 7-8-7-20 2T @ a QPI of 1.4v

I believe my motherboard set it to 2T for stability, which is fine with me so long as i'm getting the timings i wanted at 1600mhz. Which for now, I am.

I have been told that using the xmp profile is junk and I should manually adjust my settings. If my ram is suppose to run at 1.65v, and the XMP profile set it to 1.4, is this bad? How can I test to see if it's perfectly stable like this? Should I try to force a 1T setting?

I'm just not used to the X58 chipset settings or bios configurations for anything really. CPU included.

Any suggestions for settings for max stability would be awesome!

Here's my complete config: (for gaming only)

Intel i7-950 @ stock 3.07GHZ
Noctura dh-14 cooler
ASUS Sabertooth x58 motherboard
x2 EVGA 580 SC in SLI
Corsair HX1000 PSU
On-board sound (because I cannot decide on one for max fps.)
Samsung 24x DVD Burner
300 GB WD Velociraptor
1TB WD Black sata3 HDD for music/videos/pictures/downloads
Some random yet awesome midtower case.

Best solution

a c 717 V Motherboard
December 2, 2010 1:08:35 PM

It's only 'bad' if it doesn't work. In general XMP works fine 'if' both the BIOS and RAM is recognized as XMP. The 'problem' is when >3 DIMMs are used or for OC'ing which can cause the DRAM Voltage to get too high via 'AUTO' or XMP 3 stick limits with some RAM. Sometimes XMP RAM isn't supported in the BIOS -> Post Failure/BSOD/Instability therefore manually setting the BIOS is the only option.

Please keep in mind a QPI of 1.4v is on the upper side of voltage; incorrect QPI can easily cause instability and with 3 sticks is rarely needed at 1.4v {1.3v~1.35v}, and the 1T vs 2T could come from an Auto vs XMP setting.

More isn't better, I lost count how many posts I've come into where everyone tells the OP 'crank-up' the DRAM and QPI when I can see a meltdown in the works and needless heat. Even OC'ing the RAM requires little effort and can be from simply setting the RAM Speed higher and or lowering the CAS -- leaving DRAM voltage manually set at stock.

I OC quite a bit and please remember higher Voltage = higher Temps; therefore 'I' look for the lowest stable voltage and then add 1~2 notches above that minimum.

All your components look good; SATA3 HDDs was about the only out of place items. Keep in mind the 3 v 6 Gb/s only refers to the interface and has nothing to do with the R/W speeds of the platters. If in the future you get a SSD then move the 1TB to the SATA2 ports and don't give it a second thought. The newer SSDs are breaking the SATA3 limit of 600 MB/s per device limit; they're so fast that only a PCIe can handle the speeds because there's not 'SATA4' {or whatever they'll call it} interface.

Good Luck!
December 2, 2010 1:26:55 PM

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December 2, 2010 1:27:40 PM

I understand, thank you for all your help and advice.