Final Gaming Build!

The main focus of this build is gaming in a 19" monitor and to last for a very long time with some upgrades, like for example crossfire in the future

So i think i finally made up my mind and ill be getting something similar to this: (prices in €)
***RAM: G.Skill NQ PC3-12800 DDR3 1600 6GB 3X2GB - 155€

I was also thinking about a keyboard specially because of the macro-thingy in the logitech g series, although the g15 is too expensive and i cant seem to find any g11's.
Also, you think i would need more refrigeration without overcloking? If yes i would get something like this: Nox Acid Blaster 80x80 (fan), and Artic Cooling Xtreme Rev2 - 28'95 €
Also doubting if i should get a sound card because ive never cared much about the sound in a game. If i would get one it would be this Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE OEM - 26,95

What do you think about it? Any recommendations? Ty in advance
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  1. I Like the CPU, the Video Card, and MoBo. great choices. Western Digital caviar black series is great, and My personal bias is that Western Digital is the most reliable and consistent hard drive company. Good choice there too. And, Logitech gaming mice are wonderful.

    My concern is the case and the power supply. The case because it is quite expensive but doesn't offer many features.

    The biggest concern in the build is the Powersupply. Don't skimp here. Apex does not make good power supplies. If you are thinking about Crossfire 5850 in the future, get yourself a solid brand, like Corsair. You should be only looking at PSU's that are rated 80+.

    You don't have any RAM memory in that build? Do you already have DDR3 to use?
  2. Forgot the ram, edited.
    About the case, it was one of the cheapest that seemed decent, which one would you recommend?
    Same for the PSU, any specific recommendations?
    Ty in advance.
  3. Great choice, I'm not sure about the PSU though. I'd Stick to Anter, Corsair, or Seasonic.

    The Antec 620w is $64 bucks right now. Good PSu. I have a 500w version.
  4. But you think 620W will be enough to power 2 5850 in the future?

    Also what 5850 do you think is the best? (I was recommended Sapphire or HIS.)
  5. where you buying from
  6. From either or (spanish sites).
  7. the power supply you have chosen is not too good i would get this instead

    you might wanna get the newer 890 board
  8. About the power supply its more expensive (quite a bit) for less W. but i guess quality over quantity :lol: . How much W are required to power this system and 2 5850's in crossfire without any overlock?
    About the board, its just 6 € difference, so if its better ill get that one no doubt :D
    Ty for your replies and keep em coming pls!
  9. for 2 5850's ati reccomends 600 watts for the whole pc since you not over clocking you could use the 650 watt version

    this is also a good cheaper 750 watts

    that 800 watt you had looks weird

    i dont trust it

    its also an older design to atx spec 2.91 not much has changed because we are now on atx spec 2.2 but it indicates the older design

    but look here your site says

    Eficiencia del 80%

    but here it says Green Power efficiency > 72%
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