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Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your help in my other thread. I'm posting this on behalf of my mate whose also losing his PC building virginity! He's not as brave and wants to go for one of those motherboard bundles to start with.

Can you let us know your thoughts on this - as a starting point? He still needs a graphics card and monitor, but has everything else.

Here's what he's chosen (open to critique) so far!

Would those two fit together fine? He'll be using the computer for general use and some light gaming and web development (so use of photoshop, dreamweaver and other similar programs). Budget-wise he's not looking to spend more than £200 more for the lasting products, so total budget of say: £800 (from eBuyer, which as you know is a fair bit more expensive than NewEgg!)

All the best.

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  1. i think your best bet is a 5770 or if you really need a tight budget then a 5750 and whatever monitor fits into budget but isn't a total piece of crap. however i think you should also look into amd with that budget. phenom ii x4
  2. cheers - do you think you could link me on ebuyer? (a good processor (phenom) and compatible motherboard)?

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