Not sure if this is a video or sound issue - please help

Lately, I've been running into an issue where sound will get stuck, start looping, and then I lose video. Basically, I have to hard boot the computer to get anything running again, it totally freezes my computer. Then, I've also been getting spots where my video goes totally fractal, but I can still hear sound. However, sometimes I can C+Alt+De out of the game, go back in, and it's fine for the rest of the time I play. I dunno, my parts are all around 4 years old, so maybe they're just wearing out. And yes, I have all the latest drivers. cpu temp is within normal range, not sure about video. Is there a good tool for measuring video temp?
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  1. Time to borrow a video card and use it for a bit of testing. If the known good video card doesn't repeat the sound and video problems it's a good bet the 8800GTX is on it's last legs.
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