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LGA 1156 Mobo Availability?

Hey everyone I just had a question and was wondering your thoughts/opinions.
I have been waiting for SB to come out and lower the prices hopefully on a lga 1156 mobo/cpu buy.
I have been watching this mobo and have been planning to get it for a while now
It nows says deactivated, and usually when newegg says that it almost always means it won't be restocked.
I was wondering if I should just go ahead and hurry up and buy an lga 1156 mobo before they become harder to get/find or wait until 1155 comes out to buy?

My thoughts are I will buy a mobo, then just wait for a deal on a i5 760/750 and buy it.
opinions? thanks.
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    The first Sandy Bridge will be released in the next couple of months and obviously only a few lines of 1156 will produced. Knowing that, if you want an 1156 then I'd buy it now through the end of the year. ASUS and others will be carefully monitoring Supply & Demand. You might want to get an 'open box' to save money; the warranty is the same and it doesn't mean the MOBO is in any way 'bad.'

    I do sales and I 'see' this tactic all of the time and typically you end-up with something you don't want {backfiring}. Amazon has the MOBO

    Otherwise get a Sandy Bridge the i5 2400x/2500x & i7 2600x are the first to be released.
  2. Thanks for the advice, this is my first build but do you have any experience buying an open-box? I don't mind paying full price but even the new ones have defects sometimes I know that.
    and also, should the open-box come with the same thing as a retail? sata cables etc..
  3. My limited experience is cables or manuals are often missing SATA cables are very cheap. Otherwise the MOBOs have been fine. The returns of open boxes aren't because of a bad MOBO - people change their minds or cannot afford their impulse buying habits. 'Bad' MOBOs are sent back to the Mfg and sold as refurbished or 9/10 simply tossed in the garbage bin; the cost of repair isn't worth the few bucks to make a new one.
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