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Hello fellow computer fanatics :bounce:

I have some questions regarding my main rig. !st off let me list my system specs and we can go from there.

MB: Asus P5Q-Pro

CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66ghz (8x333)

Ram: 4Gb Gskill DDR2 1066 (6-6-6-18)

GPU: BFG GTX 260 OC 896mb ddr3

GPU2: Physx- xfx 9600gso 768mb ddr2

PSU: xigmatec 650w modular

HDD: 2x 500gb sata seagate barracuda 7200.12

Ok so for my questions,

I just recently added the 9600 gso for physx and im just not sure if its bottlenecking my system. Im 99% sure on my mobo when you add a 2nd pci-e card it reduces both slots to 8x link. Is this slowing me down or is 8x link for my 260 enough? I cant see to much difference since i added the card except my system gets a bit warmer when gaming. I did a 3dmark vantage run and it scored p11434. Is this a good score? Im not sure. Should i keep the physx card in or would i be better putting everything on the 260. Maybe run a 3dmark test without it and see the difference.

I also heard on some of the 9600gso's you can flash the bios to a 8800 512mb but i think my ddr2 version is not compatible for that.

Any info or setup suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I also have a 2nd 9600gso i could use for setting up physx but im pretty sure the 260 would be better hands down. Im just trying to find out and make sure the 9600gso isnt holding my 260 back.

Thanks in advance
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  1. PS: Running Windows 7 ultimate x64
  2. Thanks jack... So im assuming yes the physx 9600gso with the 260 is better than the 260 alone. My biggest questions were really. 1.) Is it hurting the 260 cutting it down to 8x link with the extra pci-e card. Or 2.) is the ddr2 on the 2nd card slowing things down at all. And the reason I ask is I have seen the statement " Your system is only as fast as the lowest ram in it" So I just wasnt sure. I played batman with the lone 260 on highest setting with physx enabled and it was extremely smooth gameplay.
    Havent tried it since i added the dedicated physx card.

    I guess it wouldnt hurt to take out the physx card and run 3dmark and see what the results bring up.

    Any other input surely appreciated
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