Force hdmi video card to restart

I recently purchased a Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H motherboard and paired it with an Intel i3-530. As you know, this combo should give HD video and Bitstream via HDMI.

my probvlem is, that when I tpower up the computer after it has been off or in stanby, I get no picture on my ACEr HDMI monitor. I have to cycle the power on the monitor.

I also have a Gigabyte GA-785GM-US2H motherboard with an HDMI connector and it has no problem re-aquiring the ACER monitor and showing a picture after shutdown or stanby.

There is nothing in the BIOS that allows one to select which video output to use either ( the Gigabyte GA-785GM-US2H DOES have such an option in BIOS).

Is there a software program or something i can do via software (I'm handy at programming) that would force the HDMI output to "read" the HD monitor?

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  1. Unfortunately for you the mobo does not have integrated graphics, it uses the one on the CPU, so the mobo has no onboard video option. The 785 had its own 4200, arguably better than the no-name one on your i3. If you want some performance I suggest a Radeon 5450 to get decent performance.
    Look at the notes section for Gigabyte.,2549.html
    Tom's review of the Radeon 5450.
  2. Thank you Mister G for your reply.

    I am aware of the discrete card solution but don't want to put a large, heat generating gaming card in a system meant only for movie viewing. Hence the reason i went with the H55/i3 combo.

    According to the notes you suggested, I still should be able to view the BIOS with the i3/H55 combo, and i can but only after cycling the power of the monitor.

    My issue is not with the i3/H55 combo's video performance, but with the 'syncing' or 'discovery' of the HDMI output after computer shutdown/standby.

    Is there a way to force a video card 're-start' or monitor 're-discover' or 're-syncing'?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. Not that I know of, if the motherboard had at least its own integrated solution this would be fine. It doesn't so the problem goes on, anyway the 5450 isn't very power hungry. The review I gave you is the brand new Radeon HD 5450, the card is not meant for gaming, only as a supplement to replace integrated graphics solution for something a little faster. This card based on AMD specs is so low power it only needs a fancy heatsink to run it.
    However what you said of lacking a video option is starting to worry me, if a mobo doesn't have that option he needs to find some way to disable the integrated graphics on the CPU so the card will work without problems.
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