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I currently have a Geforce 8600 GTS and im looking to upgrade to somthing better. I recently upgraded from 2 1440X900 19" dell monitors and got two 23" Acer 1920X1080's. The game i currently run EVE Online started getting some frameskip at the new higher resolution and had to lower the graphics settings when running one client as opposed to the 2-3 I normally run.

I really want a card that can hadle at least 2 clients on very good to max settings without SLI or Crossfire.

Any Suggestions? $100-200. If possible
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  1. A radeon hd 5770 would be a good upgrade and you can get one for around $160.
  2. Yeah an HD5770 is your best choice in that price range. It's several times more powerful than your old card and pretty good for 1920x1080.
  3. 5770 or 4890, 4890 is more powerful but it doesnt have dx11, runs a bit hotter etc..

    and if you go with the 4890 you dont have to worry about the issues with 5770 like grey screen.
  4. +1 to 5770.
  5. Will there be any problems swapping to an ATI card from a system currently using an Nvidia card?
  6. No, just make sure to uninstall the Nvidia drivers first. Running driver sweeper to be safe is a good idea as well.
  7. Arhilion said:
    Any Suggestions? $100-200. If possible

    Save more money :) kidding

    While the 5770 would be a significant improvement, question ya gotta ask before whipping out the credit card is "will it be enough ?" If your sticking with EVE, no worries, but at 1920 x 1200 resolution, the 5770 has a tough time in today's DX11 games with just one monitor.....here's a recent (Feb 25) comparison of some viable cards


    Ignore the 275 score as it's obviously not in DX11 ....

    The 5830 looks like a more viable candidate .... for today's games .... what you have to think about though is how long these cards have to last you ? If 2 years, then I'd grab a 5830 or 5850 .... if 3 or 4 years, then i don't think even those cards will get you thru XMas 2011
  8. Well i installed my 5770 today and its pretty much exactly what I wanted run's a single eve client on max settins around 130 FPS and 2 at 60 FPS cant ask for much more.
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