XSPC RX 240 kit too big for my case

I just purchased an XSPC RX 240 kit and have realised it will not fit my case. Shop wont give a refund as I have opened box. Can anybody suggest a place to sell the kit on and should I sell it seperately or all as one.

I still want to watercool my pc but need a 120mm rad and a single bay res!
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  1. Probably best place to sell it would be ebay, its probably easier to sell it all as one kit but you may be able to get more for it selling each item separate but it would also be more effort, do you mind me asking how much your looking to get for it?
  2. Well im not sure, it cost £180 and its still annoying me that I didnt research properly the size etc. I would not want to lose too much!
  3. Yeah well as its brand new try and get the full value of it, there is a market for water cooling parts on ebay they more than likely will sell easily enough but just make sure you factor in the 10% ebay charge you on what they sell for,
    When i say put on ebay i don't mean as an auction sale its safer to put it as a buy it now price so that you won't lose out
  4. Ok I didnt think of doing the buy now thing; I was worried about putting it on ebay and seeing it sell for peanuts! I wouldnt mind keeping the cpu block its just the rad and res I need rid of. It makes me cringe thinking of giving ebay 10% and then making further loses. However my stupidity for not checking my facts before buying!
  5. check out Egay and Xspc's site, the res/pump is around £60 if its the X20 750L V2 variant and the rad is around £65, I'd be miore inclined to see your case and we can mod it so the rad does fit,
    They do fit quite neatly on top of a lot of cases,

    I'm off to my nightshift now but I'll check back in the morning ok, I'm also in the UK
  6. Ok thank you for that; speak to you tommorow!
  7. I hadn't forgot you man, I was a bit busy yesterday, what case do you have?
  8. Your case is easily modded to fit it. All you need is a drill gun and some drill bits. Muahahahaha
  9. Lol, erm Thank you?
    I think...
  10. I got a Bitfenix Survivor; I was hoping not to have rad outside although that looks pretty dam cool. I was gonna go with two 120mm ex rads; one in the bottom and one at the back!
  11. Removing the bottom drivecage would allow you to fit it either along the floor or upright at the front, measure up and have a look :)
    but on top would look pretty cool on that case as you say
  12. Unforunately there is not enough space for along the bottom and if upright at the front it takes all bays so no room for double bay drive!
  13. http://www.bitfenix.com/global/en/forums/7,modders-corner/745,project-silver-feather-a-bitfenix-shinobi-mod/
    plenty of room :)
    I like how he sorted the Toploading Dvd drive too, real modding spirit :P
    You could also look at a sidemount,
    I like the tidy look of the first one though, its very neatly finished
  14. Problem is I think thats a shinobi case, and I cant bear the outside one. Do you think a twin 120mm ex xspc rad set up is doable!
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