I cant run setup of windows xp

I have widnows xp, and i can't start the isntalation because words "Install windows xp" are darkened, how to resolve my problem? Thanks
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  1. If it's a laptop & you're running it off the battery, plug the power cable into it. you should never attempt a Windows install on battery power.
  2. No, its not laptop, i just can't click on Install Windows xp button. I don't know why?
  3. why you are trying to install xp from inside windows explorer..
    install from booting the cd..
  4. You think that's gonna work?
  5. you have a pc installed with windows XP..
    now what exactley you are trying to achive
    1) trying to repair existing XP
    2)reinstall fresh xp by deleting existing xp
    3)upgrading from xp home to xp pro or similar
    4)upgrading win xp to vista or win 7
    5)current installed xp 32 bit or 64 bit / os on cd xp or vista or win 7 32bit or 64 bit
  6. Look, i have installed windows 7, and i want to install windows xp, but its not on cd, its on image. Now one day i open it up with daemon tools, just to make sure that is workin, and when its windows explorer open it up, i simply cannot click on Install Windows xp. You understand? When I was sure that it works, I would have burned the CD and start the installation on that way. I hope you understood me now. My english is bad.
  7. how in is possible to install an operating system on a operating system ( instalingl xp on windows 7) that not possibly directley..
    however, its possible by using virtual machines
    microsoft's virtual pc *******free
    (dont download xp mode on this download page, its for different purpose.. just dowdload virtual pc....)

    virtual box from oracle****free

    vmware player

    all of them have nice help docs, but if you need help, always welcome....
  8. Thanks man. It helped....
  9. hey or els you can dual first install window xp and then install window 7 on two different partition
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