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Any suggestions for Water cooling?

Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my CPU cooler from the regular AMD stock heatsink to some liquid cooling and was wondering if you guys had anything you would recommend. I'm not really goign to be overclocking since I have no need but I really want rid of this annoying fan.

Also, I'm trying to not go over 100 bucks if I can help it when finding a good water cooling device.
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    I'd suggest get a good air cooler unless you want to get into water cooling but I think your talking about hydro coolers like the corsair h80 and that,
    not really an answer to your question but this here is my recommendation it will be much quieter and alot better cooling but if your not overclocking it may be a bit overkill you could go for this!-dark-rock-2-dark-cpu-cooler-sockets-2011-1155-56-1366-775-and-amd-inc-135mm-silent-silentw
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