Is the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced big enough?

Hey everyone,

I'm just about settled on getting the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced, but I'm not sure if it's going to be perfect for my needs. I currently have a i7 chip, a P7P55D-E Pro motherboard and one ASUS 5770. I'm planning on adding another 5770 in the future. Is this case big enough to provide proper spacing and cooling or should I jump to the HAF 922?

Thanks in advance,
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    The 690 is big enough to accomodate two of those 5770's.. Your main concern should be on cooling and the 690 does not disappoints on that also.. Although i think the cooling on the 922 is better.. Nevertheless, given a choice between those two, i'd select the 690 because of its more neater looks.. The 922 wont even be my second option.. For that I'll reserve the antec 902..
  2. Thanks for the info. I was actually looking at both of those. The 902 looks a bit hideous IMHO. Actually, a lot of the cases nowadays look like discarded sketches of Star Wars robots George Lucas drew back in the 70s.
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