AM2/AM3 motherboard that supports SLI?

I am thinking to buy 2 GTX460's, a new PSU and a new mobo. I have an AMD Phenom x3 AM2-cpu but I don't want to buy new CPU. My motherboard has only one PCI-E x16-slot so I need a new motherboard. I have limited budget, so it must be cheap, around 150€. If you know a good one, tell me. :)
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  1. I found a MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum. Is that good mobo?
  2. Nice old board BUT there are few things you need to pay attention to before making your mind:
    1- The PCIE slots speed is x8/x8 in SLI mode.
    2- I think that the board has 3+1 power phase only, which will affect the OC headroom on AM3 CPUs.
    3- It is a DDR2 1066 USB2
    4- The copper heatsink on the voltage regulators might block aftermarket heatsinks.
    5- The Nforce North Bridge is well known for its problems on AMD boards.
    6- I do not think that your old Phenom x3 will be able to max out two GTX 460
  3. I have 3x 2Gb DDR2-800MHz RAM. I wanted to use the CPU and RAM from my old mobo. I can not afford a new CPU and RAM. There goes money too for a new case. A cheap CoolerMaster Elite 310, because my case is mATX and I haven't seen any SLI mATX mobo. :(
  4. Better wait for a week or so and get the new HD 6950 or HD 6970, even the last one should be within your budget considering the cost of two GTX 460 and a mobo.
  5. Quote:
    so what exactly are you wanting a SLI ATX board or have you changed you mind.
    not looking good on lga775 SLI mATX boards by the way so maybe you need to give that idea up..

    I am looking for AM2-mobo with DDR2 and SLI-support (x16/x16). Then I dont need to buy a new CPU and RAM. And an mATX mobo rather than ATX mobo, so I dont need to buy new case.. :D But I bet that those AM2 SLI-mobos are very hard to find. :/
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