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I just recently bought and installed a new Seagate Barracuda HDD w/ 1 TB of data and decided to install Windows XP Pro SP3 onto it.
While the installation was going just fine; I got this bsod error: "irql_not_equal_or_less". I tried restarting my computer, but, I cant get into bios or get any video to display on my monitor! I cant find any solutions on the internet, so I decided to join TomsHardware and make my first post. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. Your computer can now be described as a dead computer and the fact that it occurred when trying to do a processor intensive task would indicate that either the processor has overheated and failed or the power supply has failed. Test the power supply by substitution with a known good one and if that does not work then check the processor heatsink, is it full of dust? are the air intakes of the computer clogged with dust? If so the processor may have been cooked. (I assume you have unplugged the computer and let to cool down for an hour or so)
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