Color problem when connecting laptop to lcd through VGA

Hi guys, I have a huge problem connecting my laptop to my lcd screen.
I was using windows 7 trying to connect my toshiba a100-912 laptop to my new LG W2361v monitor. The colors appear blurry and specially greens appear as yellow and red appears black theres no problem with blue actually. I was thinking it was about windows 7 however my neighbor's acer works like a charm with my monitor and another friend's vista. So there is no problem with the cable nor the monitor. However another friend's Linux appeared just like mine. I updated my graphic card's drivers and so on. Still no solution. Then i formatted and went back to XP however it still did not work. It works like a charm with my xbox 360 through HDMI. I tried to connect it to my Linux friend's HP monitor and still same colors greens are yellow and reds are black. I have tried possible color schemes and etc still no solution. My laptop screen has no problems i dont know but it doesnt seem like a problem with my graphics card or is it?

I REALLY don't know what to do. If any of you folks can help me i would be more than glad.

My specs are
toshiba a100 912 with 2.16 core 2 duo, 2gb ram, nvidia geforce 7600go

the monitor i have been trying to connect is LG W2361v-pf

Thanks in advance
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  1. The monitor cable is the problem.

    I know you said you tried it using a different computer and it worked so you don't think that is the issue but I'm not guessing. I am certain it's the vga cable. I have seen this multiple times before and it's always the cable (I work as a computer technician for a major bank).

    What happens is the wires inside the vga cable get become brittle over time and when moved they end up moving in a position that allows 2 wires that have exposed spots inside to touch causing color issues. OR Sometimes the wire inside the cable has become completely disconnected. The time that it worked just fine the cable had been moved and was in just the right position to work and not allow the wires inside to touch eachother OR if it was a broken wire the 2 broken ends were able to touch.

    Try this: bend and move the cable around an all sorts of different directions, you may be able to find the spot in the cable that has the issue. You may be able to find a position for which the cable works

    To Fix this: Just buy a new VGA cable.
  2. but i have tried with other cable too it did not work though.
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