which of these motherboards is good for a gaming computer. I would be using an Athlon II x4 640 and a Zotac GTX 460 AMP edition graphics card with it:

MSI 785G-E65

or MSI 785G-E53

or MSI 785gm-e65
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  1. All three will perform equally well, so get the cheapest model. They all have the same chipsets so there is really no difference outside of motherboad size & the extra slots.
  2. should I get the GTX 460 1GB overclocked editions or HD 6850 1GB

    GTX 460 include (ASUS direct CU, Zotac Amp or MSI Hawk)

    HD 6850 include (Sapphire toxic)

    which one is the best
  3. I would go with the GTX 460 over the ATI 6850, as it is the better overall card IMO...
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