Would these PSU's work?

Hello, I am trying to find combo's for a computer build, first one by the way. Anyhow, I figured the HAF 922 would be able to fit everything I need, although I have to figure out how to filter dust. On to the question! Would these PSU's be able to handle 5850 crossfire? Also, going to try and overclock the 5850 and CPU, may add a 5850, thus the Crossfire question. Oh, one more thing, one of the PSU's says that it is SLI ready, would I be able to use Crossfire on it, although it says SLI?

Here are the combo's, the PSU's are included.

I was planning on getting the 750w Corsair. However, if I could get these in a combo would save some money. I may run some fans, etc. Would this be able to run it?
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  1. Cooler Master are known to have some pretty bad PSU's but the also have some fairly decent units too. If you do want to use one of those combos definitely go with the GX series RS750 it should have more then enough power to run two 5850's and yes it will work even though it only says SLI and not crossfire that does not make a difference. Ideally you would be much better off with the Corsair but the RS750 should do the job.
  2. Thank you very much, if I remember correctly, the GX is newer? Perhaps they re-did their PSU line up? Just hoping. I am just looking to save money is all. Thanks for telling me about their reputation when it comes to PSU's. I know the Corsair is really trusted, I believe it is made by Seasonic or something like that. I found two reviews, one seems to like the GX, the other, not so much.
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    Jonnyguru is one of the best sites for PSU tests and you can trust there reviews I just read threw it and it does not go well for the GX series unit so maybe it would not be a good choice. I myself would never recommend getting a CoolerMaster unit they make great cases but their PSU's are less to be desired and rarely do well in testing. You should really not skimp on a PSU it is one of the most important components in a computer a cheap faulty bad PSU can take out a whole computer when it fails.

    Only reason I said get the GX series because it has more power on the 12 volt but after reading the jonnyguru review I would stay far away from that unit. The other combo with the 700 watt silent pro is even worse I have heard nothing but bad things about the silent pro units.

    My suggestion is to get a Corsair, Antec or Seasonic unit. Some corsair units are built by SeaSonic both companies are very well trusted in the power supply industry. Never skimp on the PSU you really do get what you pay for when it comes down to PSU's.
  4. Thanks very much! I appreciate it! Probably will not do that. The reason I asked is, I believe Jonnyguru says something like their GX was a sample or something, so may not be the retail.
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