Need some help plz.

I just bought all the components to build a new rig and i cant install windows now. Ive tried xp and 7. No luck.

Heres my rig:

Mobo: xfx nforce 750i sli

Cpu: intel pentium e6600 3.06ghz dual core 1066mhz wolfdale

ram: ocz gold edition dual channel 4096mb pc6400 ddr2 800mhz 2 x 2048

video card: galxy geforce 9500gt 512mb ddr2 pci e 2.0

optical drive: samsung dvdrw w/ sata

hdd: 250 gb momentus w/ sata

case: coolermaster rc-310-bkr2 elite w thermal master 420w psu

Would it matter if I've got an 8 pin power slot on the mobo and only a 4 pin coming off cpu?

All this stuff is brand new. Any help would be great, as xfx and micrsoft haven't really been much help.
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  1. The power supply is complete crap.

    What do you mean? do you have an 8 pin slot on your motherboard and only a 4 pin from your power supply? that would be the problem.
  2. Yes that's exactly what I meant. Thank you. If I get an adapter will it work? Is that the only problem you think?
  3. No I don't think they make any adapters for that.

    Return psu + buy a QUALITY psu. Antec, corsair, pc power n cooling, ocz, seasonic, silverstone are the ONLY psu's worth buying.

    This is $55 after $15 instant coupon and $10 Mail in rebate.
  4. This would be good too. This will support video cards up to a 4850 / 9800GTX

    $35 after $5 instant coupon
  5. Thanks a lot whitefang. Does it sound like that's my only problem? I really apprecite the help.
  6. Well you didn't provide much info. What happens when you press the power button?
  7. I get it all to power up but I get random bsods when installing windows. Had quite a few differnet error codes.
  8. Sounds like a ram issue, not sure if that has anything to do with not having the extra 4th pin in the CPu motherboard slot.

  9. Well I'm on my way to get a new psu. I'm gonna try that if it doesn't work I will post the error codes and see if we can figure out what it is.
  10. 1) First, verify that your ram is supported by your motherboard.

    2) Run memtest86+ for a full pass without errors to check out the ram first. If you get any error, test each stick and slot individually to identify the failed part.

    3) The 4/8 pin cpu power slot may be OK if your cpu is not a strong one; a E6600 is not strong. Read the motherboard manual for more info. Most of the time it does not need the 8 pin connector unless you are overclocking or have a highly clocked quad. An molex to 8 pin adapter adapter would work also.

    That said, a quality psu like whitefang suggested is a good thing.
  11. Would the latencey of the ram be an issue?
  12. topher1884 said:
    Would the latencey of the ram be an issue?

    No. The voltage might be though. Test with memtest86+
  13. Will memtest86+ work w/o an os on the system?
  14. topher1884 said:
    Will memtest86+ work w/o an os on the system?

    Yes. Memtest is self booting and needs no OS. You can download it and burn it to a bootable CD or floppy. Usb is possible, but I have not tried that.

    Run for at least one full pass. You should see NO errors. If you get an error, test one stick at a time, perhaps in different slots to isolate the failing component.
  15. Memtest says rams fine. Got an error about the lan card and disabled it in bios. Tried to reinstall then got a ntfs error code during install. Thinkin bout returnin mobo and ram and startin over. After readin some reviews I think I made a mistake with that mobo in the first place.
  16. Ok so returning the xfx board. Replacing it with an asus. The p5ql-vmdo /csm. So the system specs are now:

    Cooler master tower

    Asus P5ql_vmdo/csm-mobo

    Seagate momentus 250gb 3gb/s-hdd

    Samsung 22x r/w dvd rom

    Intel pentium e6600 3.06ghz-cpu

    4gb pc6400 centon-ram

    Geforce 9500gt 512mb video card

    Does that sound like a fairly good gaming machine? I'm not a hard core gamer but I'm hopin it'll handle most anything I can throw @ it. Thanks in advance.
  17. I think a 9500GT will be marginal gaming at 1280 x 1024 resolution. For good gaming at that and higher resolutions, you should be looking at a stronger card like the GT240 or gts 250. The cpu will be fine.
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