Sometimes Intel SSD 330 Wont boot with MSI 790gx-g65

Just did a fresh install in my SSD with windows 7, here are the steps
a) updated my Motherboard to latest driver
b) Go to BIOS and change to AHCI mode
c) Install windows 7 ultimate without problem, able to boot into it after restart
d) Then sometimes after i shut down/restart my pc, it wont boot into windows. These are the msg I got when i am not able to boot
- The system announces S.M.A.R.T. Error in determining the disk
- About a minute hangs with black screen with blinking cursor
- Throws an error as follows: Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key_
- Note: SSD is the only boot option in my BIOS
e) I would need to press the restart button, then it will boot normally without any problem after several times. (Note: I didnt enter back the BIOS to change any setting. ) this happen just seem randomly,I have checked with INTEL SDD website, my SSD is using the latest firmware thanks
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  1. When you did your fresh install were any other drives connected besides your SSD?
  2. @Dereck : thanks for taking ur time to reply
    I follow the guide here "Sean's Windows 7 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs "
    I removed my secondary hdd, only SSD and Windows 7 installation USB.
    I double checked my BIOS boot sequence, SSD is the only booting option ...
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