Recommend a video card for my build. Need something my PSU can handle

Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H
Corsair CMPSU-400CX
AMD Phenom x2 555 <-- unlocks but put it back to dual core as I dont need it as of now.
Cooler Master elite 341 case
Cooler Master Hyper 212+
one 2gb module from this kit running at 1.7v
Windows 7 64 bit
one extra 120mm fan for the front of case

My idea of budget is under $100, the cheaper the better really. I do most gaming on my consoles, so I would really only want to play games on the pc that are unique to the pc.

Games like the stalker series or cryostasis interest me a bit. Trine, civ 5 that just got announced, maybe even SC2 single player. Not crysis or BC2.

But I would also want to be able to play older games well, like fallout 3 and such.

I've researched a lot on so called budget cards, but frankly FPS charts and 20 page reviews overwhelm me a bit. I dont plan on buying a card for a while, but want to start getting a knowledge base for this stuff so I can shop for deals.

I would also need a video card that my PSU can handle, I dont really plan to overclock, maybe unlock my dual core to 4, but thats about it.

ram is next after video card, going to add at least another 2gb stick
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  1. right now something like a 8800 gt, or 9800gt or ATI equiv, BUT something WITHOUT aux power connectors, add the aux power connection and go for 550W+ depending on the card
  2. Reading what you need and what you should expect at that price budget and the limit of the PSU i would say you are somewhere in between a cheap GT240 like

    or if you want to strain your pocket a little you could try something like a GTS250
  3. xpsng the GTS cards have a aux power connectors (145W)if the vid card runs low on power it'll blow the memory modules(I found out the hard way with a 400W on a 9800GS card a few years ago), but the GT240 is good
  4. I think the gts 250 is the card that interests me the most
  5. Its the Corsair 400W, you guys need to learn what your talking about. It has a 6pin PCIe plug and around 30A on the 12V rail. It I can power a GTS250 just fine. I'd look for a 4770/5750/4850 myself, but its up to you. An 8800/9800GT will also work fine.

    Edited for spelling.
  6. I think its between the 4850 and gts 250 for me.

    The 5750 is a bit out of my price range I think

    I'll just have to keep an eye out for a deal in the next few months
  7. dont get the 5750 it gives low fps in many games than the GTS250
  8. The Corsair CMPSU-400CX is a very solid unit with 30A on its +12V rail, and one PCIE power connector. It will have no trouble with a HD4850, which is right around $100 now. Other candidates within the budget would be a HD4770 or HD5670, but they do not perform as well.

    Edit: GTS250 and HD4850 are on the same tier.
    In the "next few months," card availability is likely to change. If you want a HD4850, better get it now.
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