What's best to put on the ssd in my new build?

I have a new build for primarily video editing and I'm getting a 64gb M4 ssd along with a 500gb hard drive...

The OS obviously goes on it but, what would be best to download to the ssd as well?
I was thinking that all of teh adobe programs should go in the ssd so that they can boot up fast and what about the graphics and sound cards? do they need to be downloaded onto a drive when you set up a computer? if so, should they go in the ssd?
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  1. I would highly suggest going with a 120g drive. 64 is getting harder and harder to work with, and if you're running the full Adobe suite you are going to fill that up very quickly.

    I would suggest putting the Adobe programs on it though, as you mentioned they will load a good deal faster running from the ssd. Graphics and sound drivers will be installed to the hard drive that your OS is on so they would end up on the SSD. It is possible to install the extra software to control the cards on another drive, but I would keep these on the ssd.
  2. Typically after all the downloads, patches and fixes have been downloaded and installed Microsoft Windows 7 will use up somewhere around 20 to 22 Gigabytes. I suggest you make a list of possible software applications, utilities, and games you might want to install and check their system requirements to find out how much drive space is required. That will give you some idea of what you might be able to add to the ssd.

    It is customary to download and install the latest drivers for hardware components onto the drive that has the Operating system.
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