Screen glitchy, loads fine but will cut out. Motherboard problem?

Here's a video of what it does:

Sometimes when booting it'll look normal, sometimes i'll post a keyboard error and then need powered off and reset. I tried to test the graphics card with a little 3d test and it had no errors. I've never seen this behaviour before... any suggestions? I'm suspecting the motherboard...

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  1. From that video it almost looks like a 2d driver error. Have you tried a clean install of the graphics drivers? Reboot in safe mode and do a clean install of the latest driver (you can get from their website) and see what happens.
    I can't explain the keyboard error.
    Have you changed any hardware inside lately?
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    If it's an onboard GPU then yes more than likely either the video circuitry is failing or the RAM is bad. To rule out RAM download and create a bootable CD/DVD {ISO/zip} -> If this is a dedicated GPU then more than likely it is failing.

    Q - Does this happen in the BIOS Screens?
    Q - Is this from onboard or dedicated GPU?
  3. Yes during BIOS and onboard
  4. If as stated then rule-out RAM with Memtest as above. If RAM checks out then 'try' the short / Clear CMOS; refer to manual. Lastly, you might want to 'try' a dedicated GPU; if that fails then NEW MOBO.
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