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ATM our servers are sitting atop a ikea cupboard with our componants in side the cupboard with the switch stuck to the side and the firewall/ups sitting aside the servers.

as you can see this is not ideal lol. so i am looking for some server cabinets to tidy the place up. but as this is the first time buying one i have some questions.

we need one that is roughly 25u or higer i think as we need to fit everything inside. but this is where i get stuck, so here are my questions:

1. can you put any server into any server rack, or do i need a specific type?

2. can you put other stuff inside or are they disigned just for servers, for instance i want top put everything inside, ups/swithc/servers/fireall, even the box of spare wires and keyboards mice etc

3. can i get a decent one that dont run into the 1000s of dollers catagory?

Thanks for taking the time to help a simpleton.
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  1. 1. Servers racks are standard form factor, but you will need rails on the equipment you have to be able to mount them properly. If you don't have rack mount servers, you are sort of out of luck there.

    2. Switches, UPS, etc can all be ordered to be rack mounted, but again it just depends on what you've got. Consumer switches and UPS are generally not going to have a rack mounting option. You can order shelves that mount into a rack cabinet, and put whatever you want on it, but that sorta defeats the purpose. I would just put the your extra equipment in the ikea device.

    3. Racks vary a great deal in cost, I don't have much experience with anything other then Dell ones so can't say to much on others.
  2. Most rack systems have a rack mountable KVM also. This helps with clutter and wiring since you only need one keyboard/video(monitor)/mouse for all servers housed in that rack. Some of the newer kvm's have a built in LCD monitor and they look like laptops. Just slide the kvm out of the rack and flip the lid up - instant kvm and LCD monitor/display.
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