Nx 7300 keyboard incorrect characters

Hello,I have a Compaq Hp laptop model nx7300 ,the keyboard on it is giving me incorrect characters when searching for symbols on the numbers.Can someone pls help?
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  1. Make sure you are using QWERTY(your keyboard top row letters) and us english language
  2. Yes make sure the language setting is set the same as what the keyboard is
  3. KBD issues with new pc – Gateway, windows 7.

    this what my windows 7 desktop displays as the keyboard characters

    Upper case: Q W E R T Y U I O P ^Ç

    A S D F G H J K L: ; è à

    Lower case: q w e r t y u i o p ^ ç

    Ù z x c v b n m , é

    É is not a question mark, but, it shows like this É

    I amusing QWERTY and US englislh
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