Need help for xp re-install problem

I swapped my old mobo wit a new one and the problem is i am not able to do a re install of win xp sp3 cos i the previous installation is not detected = getting no option to repair :( i don't want to lose the already present os it has some really important things installed that i don't want to sacrifice i had swapped mobo before for my friend it that case i uninstalled all chipset drivers from xp and booted after changing the hardware it booted but it's a really annoying job any alternatives? plzz help
other things: using same HDD obviously
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  1. It's not clear what's wrong, but I'm guessing you do not really want to do another install, want to do a backup, first.
    However, if it is a Windows XP "OEM" disk, those are supposed to be good for only 1 motherboard (unless it malfunctions).
    It is not clear what you are asking. You don't mean, "Can I change-out a motherboard without loading new chipset drivers", do you?
  2. Yes I do not want to do a fresh install of xp .
    When I boot with the new board and enter the blue background screen where it shows all the partitions of hard disk there should be an option Press R to repair Windows xp something like that but there is no such option.
    It is Volume License
    And I want to install the board without deleting the already installed OS.
  3. I know there's an option to "R"epair a windows partition when you boot WITH the XP disk already in the computer (if you also "press any key to boot from cd").
    I'm not sure what you mean, exactly, by "shows all the partitions"--you mean you're seeing a o/s selection menu, driven by boot.ini?

  4. The Partition options show up in the second Repair option, after you've told the system to reinstall (don't panic yet) and been prompted to F8 to accept the EULA terms. When you see and accept that repair choice, you're then told how many and what size Partitions exist and where the current OS lives.

    Go further ahead and you get (in XP Pro, anyway) a fresh installation with everything you had before in a folder called Windows.old. I believe XP Home can't offer that last part.

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