AMD Connoisseur HELP ME OUT PLEASE !!!! :pt1cable:

Which could be the best choice between those two mobos... on my right I got



on my left.... GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H - []

Use -> Multimedia
Video Encoding
heavy OC planned

Thanks for your time !!!!!
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  1. Hi.

    What CPU do you want use?, What RAM?, What GPU?, Crossfire? SLI?

    Now, without know the other components, I can say you that the best mobo for heavy overclock is the 890FXA-UD5, or the Crosshair IV if your can afford it
  2. :o sorry my bad !!! It will be used with AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Stepping C3 vers. for
    the RAM I was told that one ----> G.Skill RipJaws DDR3-SDRAM PC3-12800 kicks rocks !!!
    for the graphic card ,crossfire ....etc not a big deal based on that it would not be games oriented but ....heavy heavy heavy OC from what I've seen the 890FXA-UD5 seems to hate small budgets !!!
  3. Yaooohhh !!!! crystal clear !!!!! :ouch:

    Great Thanks My Friend !!!
  4. Your welcome
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